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Photographer Interview, Debbie Hartmann Part 2

This is part 2 of the interview with Debbie Hartmann.

"Tiny Rainbow" by Debbie Hartmann

Q: What is your dream photography location?
A: My favorite place to take photographs is at a Heron/Egret Rookery on the Mississippi River near St. Paul. You can only get there by Canoe or Kayak... and it is a bird paradise. I go there once or twice a year by myself... I would go more but it is quite hard paddling my canoe by myself and trying to take photos at the same time. So once or twice a year is good for me.

Q: Which photography website/blog do you visit often?
A: Oh there are so many. I am continually inspired by some wonderful photographers out there. I visit photoblogs on Pixyblog.com on an almost daily basis. Pixyblog is a photo community that hosts my photoblog... and there are some really great photographers that have sites there. I visit
so many photography websites I couldn't even begin to list them. There is just a lot of really great work out there!

Q: Who has been your biggest inspiration?
A: Annie Liebovitz and Jim Brandenburg. My photography is nothing like Annie Liebovitz... but I absolutely love her work and I try to read every thing about her that I can. Jim Brandenburg is a nature photographer from Ely, Minnesota. His photography is truly something to aspire to. He also has a great down-to-earth attitude. Look up his work. It is inspiring.

Q: Have you taken any classes or workshops on photography?
A: I took a few courses years ago in college, and I occasionally take a workshop to be around other fellow photographers. I gave myself a bit of an internship the last few years where I helped a photographer friend from Ely shoot weddings. Even though I like to shoot nature and wildlife, photographing people I didn't know helped me a lot with my photography. Plus it got me out in nature. After every wedding I would go hiking and see what I could find to photograph. I do read a lot of photography books... and learn photoshop skills from NAPP (National Association of Photoshop Professionals). But most of what I have learned is from just going outside with my camera and taking photos.

Q: Mac or PC?
A: Mac. Always and Forever. I LOVE my Mac!