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Photographer Interview, Debbie Hartmann Part 1

Today is the Wednesday photographer interview. The artist being interviewed for this week is Debbie Hartmann from paddletrampphotography.com. Information about purchasing prints is available here.

Tell me a little about yourself: I like to go out into nature with my camera and photograph nature and wildlife. Sometimes I hike, but my idea of a really great time is to go canoeing in my beautiful red canoe and bring my camera along.

During the week I am a full-time preschool teacher where I have worked for 20 years, and a part-time photo retoucher and graphic artist at a portrait photography studio where I have worked for 7 years.

"Magical Moment" by Debbie Hartmann

Q: What camera do you use, what features do you like about it?
A: I currently use a Canon 30D. I have always used Canon equipment, so what I like the most about it is the familiarity of it each time I upgrade. I also think it is pretty intuitive to use. I am not opposed to other brands, it is just that I have always used Canons so I stick with them because then I can keep using my lenses with each camera.

Q: If you could only choose one lens, which one would it be?
A: I would choose my 28-200 telephoto lens. I use that lens most of the time. I like to keep things very simple with equipment, following the philosophy that it is now how much equipment you have, it is how well you use what you have.

Q: What is your favorite non-camera accessory?
A: A pad of paper and a pencil to write down ideas.

Q: What piece of equipment do you wish you had.
A: A really wide angle lens.

Q: What photo editing software do you use?
A: The only software I use is Photoshop CS3. There are so many other softwares out there that could be helpful, but I am keeping the same "keep it simple" philosophy. So instead of buying hundreds of dollars of software that needs to be continually upgraded, I am just learning photoshop really, really well.


  1. great interview! I like the keep it simple message. It is really easy to over complicate the artistic process. Thanks!

  2. It is very easy to make things too complicated.


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