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flowering kale

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This ornamental kale really caught my eye among the brown fall leaves. Kale holds a lot of color late into the fall.

The green and white bordering a vibrant pinkish-purple like this really sticks out in a garden.

This brilliantly colored plant is actually a cabbage. The ruffled leaves look more like a coral on a reef than a vegetable.

I believe this particular variety is a Pigeon Victoria kale.


  1. beautiful picture with lush colors... your description makes me wish that you had taken a shot with the kale among some of the fall foliage for a vibrant counterpoint... of course ALL of my pics come out terribly and you clearly know what you're doing! ;)


  2. hahaha, thanks scotty

    That would make for a good picture, I'll have to try that. I was just a little mesmerized by the ruffles and wanted to capture their detail the best I could.

  3. Along the Mississippi River I would occasionally see these Kale/Cabbage things growing on the sides of the riverbank. They were probably accidentally transplanted from someone's garden. None-the-less...I would love to see them...I find them extremely interesting to look at and admire.

  4. Hey Debbie,

    I was just hiking along the Mississippi the other day here in MN - it was really cold and I couldn't get close enough to the geese to get a good shot.. you got a pretty good one posted though.

  5. Yes it is edible, as long as it hasn't been treated with any chemicals or pesticides.

  6. Thanks avishi, I had a lot of fun photographing it.


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