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Easy Canvas Prints

I was recently given an opportunity to try out a new canvas printing service, easycanvasprints.com.

One of my favorite things to do with my digital photographs is to have them printed, framed or used in a unique way (see creative commons license at bottom of page).

lynx on canvas 

It was a difficult choice deciding which photo to use for the print, but after looking back at my photo blog and asking around I chose to go with the Lynx photo used in a post about two years ago.

While waiting for the print to arrive in the mail, I got a message from another blogger notifying me that the photo had been chosen as part of their "sites to see" series, further reinforcing my choice.

Review: The website is straightforward, fun and easy to navigate. I had no problem uploading my image and following the steps to chose the different options.

They even offer a touch up service if you would like. There's the standard choices, like thickness and wrap type/color.

canvas backing

 It would be nice to see more choices available, but it appears that the site is still fairly new. A few more artistic options and framing would be useful additions in the future.

Canvas Prints

If you are looking for an easy way to see your images printed on canvas, then try it out.