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Picasa Review

Your computer is full of photos, they're everywhere. Some are accidentally nestled deep in strange folders, and some are on your desktop. Picasa can search your whole system and organize everything in an easy to browse format.

Picasa follows with all google tools, it is simple and easy to use. There's plenty of options to get your images online. There's even free hosting space available. If you want a bit more than the simple tabbed choices of Picasa, you can easily edit them with a click of a button on the free online editor Picnik.

Unless you want professional grade software, you can't beat Picasa. It's free and always being updated, use one program to organize, share and edit your photos and videos.

If you need to do some "heavy lifting" check out GIMP.

Free Picasa Download

Picasa is available for the following operating systems: Linux, Mac, Windows