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Photographer Interview, Daniel Bodenstein Part 2

This is part two of the interview with Daniel Bodenstein.

Q: What is your dream photography location?
A: That's easy. Kenya. I have told my wife that someday I will get there, and I will. Anyone who knows me, knows I dislike zoos. I feel that they never give the animals enough room. I prefer to see animals in the wild, or in a wildlife sanctuary. Whenever I see animals in cages or enclosures it reminds me of an old Twilight Zone where a "Human" was put on display for aliens. To me, there is no difference.

Q: Which photography website/blog do you visit often?
A: I am an avid fan of Scott Bourne, and TWIP (twipphoto.com) (This week in Photography). I also frequent Digital Photography School. One of my mottos is, "Learn all that is learnable". It's from Star Trek the Motion Picture, and it has stuck with me since I saw that movie in the theater.

Q: Who has been your biggest inspiration?
A: Wow, tough question. I originally started out reading some of John Shaw's books. His images of nature were just amazing to me. I'd have to say he was an influence on my work. I also love the work of Scott Bourne. His avian photographs are an inspiration since I live in an area that has wetlands full of birds.

Q: Have you taken any classes or workshops on photography?
A: In the late nineties I took an correspondence course with the New York Institute of photography. They sent audio tapes, and lesson books and you were suppose to send back photos for critique. This was before we could all upload photos and every school had a web site. But I found the course lacking where I wanted to be, outdoors in nature. It focused more on commercial photography. So I pick up some magazine and read everything I could. I have a knack for self-teaching.

Q: Mac or PC?
A: Recently I switched from PC to Mac. I have also recently purchased Apple Aperture and I am learning to use that. I have found the Mac to be more geared toward creative people than the PC was.