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gorillapod review

Today I'm going to review the gorillapod by Joby. As you can see from the image above it broke...

The tripod broke almost right away. Joby was contacted and they have since replaced it by simply mailing me a new one. Their customer service was great and they were very easy to deal with.

I was constantly using it trying to find new and interesting ways to attach it to strange objects (i.e. my dog). I think from now on I'll be a little more careful with it. However, it did break during normal use.

I really like it and have gotten some great shots with it! The things holds up pretty good as long as you're really nice to it.

* Just wanted to make a note that I'm not being paid for this particular review - that would be rather odd anyways, due to the fact that the product broke. Visit my disclosure policy here.

The Pros: Very flexible, rubber grips to almost anything, easy to use, helpful customer service.

The Cons: ..it broke, don't play with it too much - use only when taking photos

Would I recommend the gorillapod to a friend: yes, it works better than the normal mini tripods, is more flexible than anything else I've seen and is way more stable than those little bean bag pods.